DCB Mach F-26

Overall Length: 25'8"
Maximum Beam: 101 Inches
Approx. Weight w/Engine: 5850 single I/O - 5250 twin Outboard
Fuel Capacity: 100 Gallons
Stern Drive: Yes
Outboard: Yes
Deadrise: 14 degrees
Hull Type: Cat

The Mach F-26 is the sister boat to our Mach 26. The 'supersonically' sleek, futuristic design of the 3/4-canopied deck boasts the same amazing bottom technology and equivalent performance standards. The F-26 is fast, pace setting, and extremely maneuverable with outstanding workmanship in rigging and assembly. The boats cockpit area is roomy and seats six. The outboard and open bow versions offer substantially more room and seat eight to ten people. The dominance of DCB in the industry for its platinum-level installation techniques prevails in this model. The F-26 remains one of the most pristine, exciting, impressive boats in its class on the market.

Standard Equipment & Features: All DCB's are custom order.

Optional Equipment: The sky is the limit.